A Contactless Dine-in Platform



Provide a safe and convenient dine-in experience for customers to enjoy. Through a tablet or phone, you can interact with all of your dine-in orders, update your menu, and fulfill all of your customer requests. Orders are streamlined between customers and the kitchen, allowing you to increase your table turnover rate and reduce labor inefficiencies, while significantly reducing the risk caused by unnecessary human interaction.

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Never wait on a server, or face the awkwardness of the bill when dining. We solved the hassle of bill splitting, and allow you to focus on your meal by connecting you  directly to the restaurant.  From your phone, you can check in, view an image-filled menu, order what you want, and see real-time updates of your food. When you're satisfied, simply walk out, and we'll handle the payment for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ordero an application for restaurants or customers?

Both. Ordero provides a separate mobile interface for restaurants and for customers.

My restaurant is struggling and we're not open for dine-in right now. How does this help me?

We want to get you set up from now so you can plan ahead. With the upcoming regulations and change in habits, our application will help ensure your dine-in service is safe and efficient.

How do restaurants use the platform?

Restaurants simply download OrderoRestaurant on the app store. We provide restaurants with a username and password linked to their restaurant so they can start accepting orders. The setup process is painless and completely free.

How do customers use the platform?

Customers simply download Ordero on the app store.

How much does it cost?

Please fill out the form to get a free demo and quote.